SAT is a standardized test for college admissions in America and other countries. The test has four components such as Writing, Reading, Math and an optional essay section. Reading and Writing represent the core part of English scored for 800. Similarly, Math has two types of approaches when it comes for evaluating students’ problem solving (i) using a calculator (ii) no calculator for score range of 200-800. The overall score range of the test is 400-1600.

Who takes the SAT Test ?

SAT is a part of SAT Suite of Assessments which is administered by College Board. The Suite of Assessments delivers SAT test for students who are in class 6-8, class 9-10 and class 11-12. Students who belong to junior school can take SAT 8/9 which gives a head start for SAT 10 when they reach grade 9 or 10. Once they successfully take SAT 10, they can confidently approach the ultimate SAT test during grade 11 or 12. SAT score is broadly accepted for college admissions purpose in most of the finest college in the world including Ivy leagues, engineering schools in the United States.

What is a good score in the SAT Test ?

A score of 1200 above is generally seen as a good score for securing admissions in colleges. However, top universities like Harvard and Stanford might ask above 1550 in the SAT.

When should I take the SAT Test ?

College Board offers nearly seven attempts on SAT test in a year. The test taker should have a valid passport and copies of school enrolment certificate to appear in the test.