Graduate Management Aptitude Test has been screening candidates for B-schools since 1953. The test assesses applicant’s ability on analytical and reasoning skills in Math and Verbal. Over the years, GMAT has entrenched one of the credible tests for the business school selection process.

Who takes the GMAT Test ?

Anyone who aspires to attend a business school can take the GMAT test. B-schools that reputed for global exposure, rich industry connections, vivacious alumni network, enterprise resourcing do mandate GMAT score for finding prospective students.

What is a good score in the GMAT Test ?

The four sections of the GMAT namely Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning assess test takers’ decision-making skills. Any score above 600 considered as a balanced score but a score above 700 is coveted. The test got a unique section called Integrated Reasoning which has been nuanced by blending verbal and math sections using a special interactive computer response.

When should I take the GMAT Test ?

Anyone with a valid passport can take the GMAT test. You can be a college student or a working professional to take this test.