VIT Vellore

    GRE – 328, V- 160, Q -168

    Throughout my prep I have used Magoosh and Learners Cortex products almost consistently. The best thing I found about the service was that the people there are very helpful, for an instance, I didn't use my account for 6 months and it got expired, I sent the team an email in anticipation and got back a prompt reply saying that they have extended it for 6 months! Regarding the product itself, it is challenging as it should be, helpful where it is required and subtle in its approach. The online portal combined with the books and their flashcards got me started in no time, not to mention the countless assignments and verbal workout sessions which help. Then comes the intensive test series which makes sure you are prepared physically as well as mentally for the exhausting exam. All in all, combined with other things, it helped me to score a 328 (V:160, Q:168) which has enabled me to apply for my dream colleges

    VIT Vellore

    GRE – 337, V- 167, Q - 170

    I joined the GRE course by Learners Cortex in my 6th semester. The teachers have a lot of experience in their respective fields and impart the requisite knowledge through lessons and assignments. The material, especially the flashcards, which is handed out at the time of registration, provides ample practice for all sections of the GRE. The online Magoosh portal has a large question bank which covers questions of varying difficulty levels along with clear explanations. All these features provided by Magoosh and Learners Cortex were instrumental in helping me achieve my dream score.


    GRE – 330, V-165, Q-165

    Learners Cortex and Magoosh have played a big part in my GRE preparation. The LC teachers are really enthusiastic and eager to help. The Magoosh portal is excellent and it is the only thing I used for practice.

    VIT Vellore

    GRE -331, V- 162, Q - 169

    Learners Cortex and Magoosh were great for both verbal and quants section, they helped me figure out the process to answer questions efficiently. Both Online and Offline tests were very similar to the actual test. The learning process was very well structured and helped me aptly plan my studies. The questions for practice closely resembled the real GRE test and the explanations were awesome. The vocabulary Flashcards were ideal for GRE, and whenever I contacted Magoosh-Online support for help, I got a very prompt response.

    VIT Vellore

    GRE – 322, V- 157, Q- 165

    I had to work on my vocabulary and the class notes from Learners Cortex along with the Magoosh online portal helped me a lot with it. I also recommend the Magoosh apps for a quick review of the important words.


    GRE – 320, V- 154, Q-166

    When I joined Learners Cortex, I had no idea what to expect from GRE. But the coaching made me feel that I really stood a chance. The Magoosh online portal was one thing that turned the tide in my favour. I would advise anyone out there to utilise the portal to the maximum possible extent, be it the practice questions or the practice tests or the GRE vocabulary builder. The vocabulary book provided, was another important factor in maximising my verbal score. The Learners Cortex faculty were extremely supportive and were instrumental in planning out my preparation process. I would go to the extent of saying that I felt I was the weakest link in this entire process of me cracking GRE. The institute was so beneficial to me. Taking numerous practice tests some days before the actual exam on proved to be a masterstroke. Everyone has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Both Learners Cortex and Magoosh played an important role in enhancing my strengths and converting my weaker points into my positives.

    NIT Trichy

    GRE – 320 , V-153, Q-169

    considering my weakness in language, I can't express how vital the Learners Cortex classes and Magoosh materials were in tuning me towards my target score of 320. They were very exhaustive, consisting of lessons on all the relevant concepts, providing very detailed explanations on how to approach the problems, how to manage time and all other essentials exam takers must know prior to taking the examination. In addition to this, the LC’s classroom program that helped me immensely in organizing my preparation. The practice tests helped me improve my pacing for the main exam. Overall, it was one good experience. If one has chosen LC and Magoosh for preparation and use the materials exhaustively and diligently, he/she can achieve a higher score regardless of their background knowledge or expertize on the subject.

    VIT Vellore

    GRE – 323, V- 157, Q- 166

    I don't think I would have ever scored 323 without Magoosh and Learners Cortex The portal covered all types of questions and provided fantastic explanations and video lessons. The faculties taught all the concepts clearly, were very helpful and really motivated me to perform well.

    VIT Vellore

    GRE – 327, V- 157, Q- 170

    Learners Cortex and Magoosh GRE prep really helped me score my 327. The classes offered by LC definitely helped in figuring out the tricks of the trade which greatly improved both my speed and accuracy. Apart from the classes, the material provided is just amazing. From the flash cards to the Magoosh online portal and lecture videos. In the last month of my prep the Magoosh website had become like my Facebook. I visited it very often and completed almost all the questions. Their practice tests give you a real sense of how long and demanding the exam is. The Learners Cortex faculty were always ready to help and it was comforting to know they were just a call or WhatsApp message away for any doubts.


    GRE -324, V-158, Q-166

    Magoosh Online has a myriad of example questions and which give you a well-rounded essence of the types of questions that will appear in the actual GRE test. Moreover, there are explanations given for each of these questions which helped me gain a pattern of what answers the test makers look for. There are hundreds of questions you can solve on the portal and the video lessons also helped me become adept at topics which I was not confident in. The flashcards that magoosh provides cover all the most frequently appearing words on the test and helped me build my vocabulary. The explanation given for the AWA section is impressive as they take many styles of essay writing to help understand the most efficient way of writing. Lastly, practice tests at the end helped me increase my stamina to get through the long test.


    GRE -326, V- 157, Q-169

    I took up the GRE coaching with Learners Cortex for six months during the odd semester 2017-18. The verbal classes were conducted by an experienced faculty which helped me improve my vocabulary. The Quants classes were a good recap of the basic concepts and kept us in touch with aptitude problems. The Magoosh Online Portal is an exhaustive collection of important problems that cover pretty much every nuke and corner of the types of questions available. The practice tests conducted (both offline and online) were helpful in judging our current preparation level and improve accordingly.

    I want to thank all the staff of Learners Cortex and from Magoosh for their efforts in helping us in our preparation.


    GRE-324, V-155, Q-169

    The comprehensive and extensive preparation material provided by the Magoosh online tutorials, really helped me in my preparation for the GRE. The large number of practice questions, tests, and the detailed and lucid explanations provided were beneficial. Free material made available, made the preparation interesting and captivating. I would like to thank Magoosh for providing quality preparation services"

    VIT Vellore

    GRE: 327, V-157, Q-170

    " There were many options in the market for my GRE preparation , but with the help of seniors guidance and net survey I chose to join Learners Cortex and Magoosh. I wasn't disappointed at all by my decision to join this renowned program. I got highly reputed and knowledgeable teachers for both verbal and quants and their helping and friendly nature was extra butter on my bread. Learners Cortex have support staff and study material was truly appreciable and helpful ! They gave me a chance to see what some of the tests may look like & helped me highlight points to study further because I didn't know enough about certain subjects. The framework and planning of the program was the one I liked the most and execution of it is the best part of Learners Cortex and Magoosh .I would definitely recommend GRE prep courses to anyone seriously considering continuing their education. If you want quality education in most reasonable price then Magoosh is the best thing you can get !"