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Five-Question GRE Challenge

Anand G Shankar | Content Lead

Question 1 | Problem Solving – Select One Answer

1. A five-member committee is to be formed from a group of five military officers and nine civilians. If the committee must include at least two officers and two civilians, in how many different ways can the committee be chosen?

A. 119
B. 1,200
C. 3,240
D. 3,600
E. 14,400

Question 2 | Sentence Equivalence – Select two answers for the blank

2. For contracting all such ___________, the brother's timely help to the sister went completely unappreciated

A. repugnance
B. nadir
C. fathom
D. oblivion
E. indifference
F. aversion

Question 3 | Sentence Equivalence – Select two answers

3. Nevertheless, dedicating _________________ time in the lab not only yields good results but also contributes significantly to the success of academic publications.

A. diligent
B. intelligent
C. lachrymose
D. soporific
E. momentous
F. witty

Question 4 | Quantitative Comparison Question

image image

A. Quantity A is greater.
B. Quantity B is greater.
C. The two quantities are equal.
D. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

Question 5 | Text Completion – Select Single Answer

5. The sleek design and advanced features of the new gadgets make them highly ___________________ choices for tech enthusiasts.

A. Impetuous
B. Boisterous
C. Pertinent
D. Becoming
E. Vast number of


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