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About us

Learners Cortex Grad School Admissions

Learners Cortex is a Test Prep and Study Abroad Consulting company with an unfaltering commitment to teaching standardized tests such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, IELTS and TOEFL and orienting students for university admissions across the globe. Some of our protean abilities are teaching rich vocabulary, edifying sharp insights into arithmetic, equations and data analysis, and finding the right graduate schools for our students.

Learners Cortex is proud partner of Magoosh, and we integrate Magoosh products in our teaching curriculum. Also, the eight meticulous steps of our university admissions services include academic evaluation, university shortlisting, editorial care, scholarship probing, meeting consensus on right schools, university applications, VISA assistance, and networking with simpatico are renowned and have become a student favourite over a span of eight years.



The principal vision of the Learners Cortex is to make test prep and university admissions affordable and proximate for Indian students. We strive to explore all the possible ways that subsume networking with stellar educational institutions worldwide and imbibe the consummate academic curriculum for teaching the standardized tests. We aim to create a social impact by minimizing the gaps between India and countries of excellence in education and creating opportunities for deserving students through our diligent service.



Learners Cortex's mission is to expand into educational institutions in India and bring a cultural change about studying abroad. Having partnered with various universities and esteemed schools across India already, we aim to integrate into 100 educational institutions by 2025. Our expertise in training students for study abroad, our knack for suggesting the best-suited college or university programs, and our industrious mechanism in achieving the feat would help students realize the dream of studying abroad.


Our Values and Achievements

Learners Cortex has produced admits and graduates from top institutions in the United States such as MIT, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, Columbia, Caltech etc. The company has crafted rigorous coursework on standardized tests and published high-quality materials and books that succour the students in clearing these competitive exams. Our partnership with Magoosh has further strengthened the scope of the study programs. Over the years, from the vibrant pedagogy on standardized tests and steady networking in the universities abroad, Learners Cortex has about 90 percent admit record. In addition to the strong forte of obtaining admits to North American Universities, the company also assist college and university admissions in some of the stellar universities in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our People

Notable People

Having found in the year 2014 from the leadership and expertise of Mr.Senthil Kumar and G. Anand, the company has expanded to multiple cities and partnered with many colleges and universities. The company has secured thousands of university admits to students under the stellar leadership of Ms. Geethanjali.

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